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Adopted KOKUYO's original


which is also used in the regular

Jibun Techo.

The paper is thin and hard to penetrate.

Even if you used erasable ball pen to rub it,

ripples are hard to be generated.

* With conventional Tomoe River Comparison

2 Booklets, 1 Year Type

The schedule is separated into two booklets,

which contain half a year content respectively.

Therefore, thickness and weight

are also separated by half.

Although the thickness is separated by half,

the content is nearly the same

with regular 'Jibun Techo Diary'.

It is also easy to be carried around.

24 hours timeline set in the middle

You can jot down a lot of things,

such as work, family plans,

to-do list and life log,

separately on the left and right side.

It is a new design which was never applied before.

This design favors you to customize

your schedule more freely.

Horizontal column with dates and weekdays

It solves the demerit of schedules

which apply the design of a page for a day.

It is not difficult to understand

your plans in a week anymore.

It becomes easier for you to plan

and manage your schedule.

※Applying for the patent

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